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Old 06-30-2011, 09:08 AM
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Default Mako Storm frame manual

.........................BooYaah.................. ...............................................Mak o

The Mako Storm appears to be almost identical to the Boo-Yaah. Boo-Yaah is out of business , but Mako was the manufacturer and is now marketing the trigger under the Mako Storm name. Mako is out of business as well now.

The basic features of the gun include:
* 2-12 shot burst mode
* semi auto mode
* full auto mode
* turbo mode
* tournament lock
* LCD display
* machined aluminum frame
* adjustable trigger stroke
* countdown/up timer
* shot counter
* 5-15 ball-per-second programmability.

The frame comes with various shims to adjust the position of the solenoid . The documentation in the manual is pretty sparse. Basically, the closer the solenoid is to trigger the more efficient it is ( less battery drain). However , if you move it too far forward it will depress the sear until it no longer catches the hammer bolt ( striker bolt). Try gradually moving it forward. Don't remove the adhesive liner on the shims until you have the solenoid where you want it.

Grips / Triggers / Triggerguards
*BooYaah frames came with rubber grips.
*Mako frames came with machined plastic grips.
*Mako made aftermarket Aluminum grips anodized in various colors
*All Mako grips will fit on the booyaah frames. But not all mako frames will accept the booyaah rubber grips. This is because at some point in production mako eliminated the 3rd grip mounting screw that is used by the rubber grips. Otherwise they fit.
*Triggers swap between the frames
*Trigger guards are removable & swap between frames.


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its a joke that he is called the Mag Whisperer, till he fixes the unfixable and hands you a gun that sings, screams and does everything you wanted it to be, and then the name is well earned.

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Old 06-30-2011, 12:51 PM
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History of Mako/BooYaah
I found your link is the Kingman forum, my screenname is S-74........I have some inside info. if you would like to hear it... The story behind Mako is as follows: A businessman from Bulgaria came into America a couple of years ago with a new paintball gun design (Tribal). He wanted to sell them over here, but was told that he had to market the gun as an American product because no-one would buy a Bulgarian made gun. He agreed, so the Tribal was born in America. He married an American woman. Using her name on the business, he started a company called Diamond Labs. He also was given the opportunity to quote on the production of a new elecro-frame... the centerflag... He was given 3 prototypes.... While he was testing 2 of them, the third went off to Bulgaria for reverse engineering (to be copied)..... after he was done, he said that he didn't like the design. A few months later, the marketing firm Boo-yaah was contacted to sell a new electro-frame called the eLCD. Mako was a small time machine shop who was contracted to produce the new frame. The purchase of many machines totaling in the millions was necessary. After charges of tax evasion were filed against the Bulgarian businessman, he fled the country with his wife and all the money. Mako was left holding the bag. Mako's only option was to start producing their own line of paintball products. Mako seems to be doing ok, but Diamond Labs went out of business and I'm not sure of Tribal's fate..........

A Slightly Different Version
it's... completely backwards. The facts are right... just... out of orderThe businessman was a european named Franciuos Louvet. His FIRST project was Diamond Labs in the mid 90's. One day he just liquidated inventory and disappeared. His second import was from a new company, Les Industries, who made the joker. It was a complete copy of the Arrow Precision Inferno. Once again, the company liquidated inventory and disappeared.
Toxic Toys, US, is where your story picks up. He had the guns manufactured in Bulgaria,as you said, and distributed by major names. Problems were apparent even before distribution, when the salesmen couldn't get the demos to work. BBT and others went ahead with distribution, however, and more and more problems cropped up. Now Louvet did not just disappear, but took all his gun inventory, INCLUDING those that were sent in by owners for repair. People began to recognize the name in mainstream paintball, and tracing him back to his past companies. Have Blue, at www.air-soldier.com now services and supports tribal owners, and has bought Toxic Toys' parts stores. He is a good man, and uncovered the rest of the boo-ya/mako story.Boo-yah was a front company for the reverse engineer of centerflag frames. Mako was indeed the manufacturer, unaware of any patent troubles at the time. Louvet ran an equipment bill and even stopped paying them for material delivered. When Mako stopped shipping, once again Louvet dropped what inventory he could and ran. At this point Mako decided to take what products they had been designing and researching for Louvet, fix them, and produce them under their own name. They now have a full product line. They registered www.makopaintball.com last year, but as of yet nothing is there.
Francois Louvet is going to have a lot of trouble setting up in paintball again, as there are a lot of people gunning for him now.

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