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  1. Test
  2. Universal RF for a loader?
  3. Autococker and 06 Borg Woes
  4. New to me 12 x 36 Craftsman Lathe (Moved from old forum...)
  5. Tinkering Tidbits (56k Warning)
  6. I love you, I hate you... Mag Help Please...
  7. Pneumag??? What are they, how do they work? Questions thread
  8. Dow 55
  9. Xmag Helicoil dilemma. Need professional assistance.
  10. Tech Library Contributions
  11. invert mini bolt upgrade?
  12. Atlas Lathe
  13. Tech Resources
  14. The .68 Long-Slide
  15. Sly barrels
  16. Which is better? Swing trigger or slide?
  17. VTLO's hyperframe
  18. I have been painting masks again.
  19. Can any of you brass gurus
  20. quick pnmeumag related question...sorta...
  21. Choosing a new reg
  22. Nelson Project
  23. Crosman Project
  24. There's a sucker born every minute...LOL
  25. I know what it says...but...
  26. Brass Redrawing Experiment
  27. help!! I'm clueless...LOL
  28. feed neck fell out
  29. Angel A1...old style threads or new style?
  30. A5 for 65.00
  31. *fizzle* Wheres Does That Part Go?
  32. X-cocker
  33. Ten Minute Stick-Feed
  34. I want to build a RT Pro Mag, please help a new guy out
  35. Raceframe with eblade noid?
  36. E Mag Trigger adjustments ???
  37. Dynaflow Manual
  38. I Can Still Kinda Hear Ya!
  39. what style grips will fit this?
  40. The Reflex
  41. Custom Barrel Sizer
  42. wanna try the pneumag
  43. Sleeper on/off
  44. Been churning out grips again.
  45. What's a good source for some of the specialty tools we use/need?
  46. Oh wise 'cocker guru's...answer me this...
  47. Tiberius Tac8 HiViz sight
  48. Who wants to make this for me?
  49. Just ordered it this morning...
  50. I HATE Eblade reflective eyes
  51. I want to use my Banjo RT valve on ULE body
  52. Any suggestions on the best way to make this work?
  53. need adhesive advice..
  54. Animated pneumatic valve diagrams
  55. Time for some serious paintball math
  56. Gauging Interest, And Showing Off
  57. Please choose two of the Three config's I should make. Please Vote
  58. KP2 Clone Kits
  59. I Made A Jig...
  60. Can you make a Karnivore into a pump?
  61. Emag in Rosewood
  62. ...you rarely have to use the phrase "upside your head"
  63. 06 borg board questions
  64. really stupid question...
  65. Drilling a Direct Mount CP On/Off For a Sleeper Pneumag
  66. Mini leak and drop off issues
  67. the not so awesome emag weekend
  68. Dynaflow
  69. Shiny!
  70. BEO has gone bigtime.
  71. will these work on a PT Xtreme? anyone??
  72. TAC-8 breaks last ball
  73. So what should I set the HP reg on a Sniper pump to?
  74. Dynaflow Schematic
  75. putting reg on hpa tank
  76. Where does this thing go? LOL
  77. How To: Make A "i"-Stock
  78. PMI1DF in wood.
  79. Tadao Yakuza help
  80. How Would This Look...
  81. "L" stocks?
  82. co2 tank to hp tank?
  83. I want 3D skulls damnit!
  84. Sitting On My Hands?
  85. Anyone ever make a sleeper pneumag out of a classic?
  86. I dub thee Prom Queen
  87. ok...I RTFM...that didn't answer my question...
  88. Why?? It's always something...
  89. Rut Roh!
  90. buffing and polishing
  91. Stinger E-Mag Grips
  92. Cutting Down Feedneck
  93. 12 Grams pumpmags efficiancy
  94. Attention Brassholes project begging to be completed on Gunbroker.
  95. Race manual?
  96. Need some of you tinkerer's to help out..
  97. Micromag with a leak.
  98. Halo vs Empire B2 Shells
  99. Reloader B help...
  100. Pneumag tuning advice
  101. ACE milling and a warp body?
  102. who is an electronics whiz on here?
  103. So where does one send an X-mag for tech these days?
  104. G397 gets naked.
  105. Hydrotesting an Air America Armageddon tank
  106. Cocker feed neck removal
  107. what guage of wire?
  108. Need help ID-ing a fuse.
  109. ace wiring question!
  110. Ule body specs needed
  111. Tac one body frame thread stripped!
  112. PMI1 conversion part 2
  113. is there any marker out there using more then 18 volts?
  114. I wonder what I'm making?
  115. Emag on/off switch
  116. Here's a good one...
  117. Ok someone explain this
  118. Piranha Stockclass
  119. My current marker design
  120. Maddman Rocket valve
  121. who knows the process behind the "aurora" color/finish?
  122. Yummy Brass
  123. Pneumag Question - Resetting the Sear
  124. Empire Magnas
  125. Ty`s big pimpin Malle/Cherry Emag grips
  126. My New Raincover
  127. Emag soleniod goes apeshit
  128. E/X/SFL/Euro/ULE mag detents question for you ladies and gents
  129. Universal T-Board: Nomenclature & Useful Stuff
  130. ace board on/off power switch
  131. Sherline Mill
  132. Trouble with Emag Trigger Magnet
  133. Couple of new projects.
  134. The Annoyer Vest.
  135. Gap between Luke's grips and gripframe
  136. More Nasty brass pics.
  137. A bit confused on rail/sear compatibility
  138. looking for a machinest that wants some practice on some weird projects.
  139. What has P8nt been up to???
  140. What Parts are needed to build a complete 'mech 'mag?
  141. Pneumag - is a ULT Kit useful?
  142. stupid mag...
  143. Chrono'ing an E-Mag w/X-Valve
  144. xmod woes
  145. awwww hell. Another problem. PTP body woes
  146. Using a emag frame as a mech frame.
  147. Its One Of Those Days...
  148. UTB install question
  149. Newly assembled 'mag not working.
  150. Need UTB INFO
  151. AGD 4.xx software
  152. Something For Myself
  153. Need some help
  154. back from the past
  155. Xmog programmer specs needed
  156. Working pressure for Xvalve dump chamber?
  157. XMOD 1.8 software questions:
  158. Anybody looking for a Lathe?
  159. The unfinished monster....
  160. Need measurements of micro rock
  161. Emag feedneck...
  162. Pretty sick EBolted 98
  163. My wonderful Mini!!
  164. Barrel issues
  165. hyper frame info needed
  166. Fixed the Mini!!
  167. Anyone Got A Water-Jet Machine Lying Around?
  168. question about brass
  169. needing some figures
  170. Video - RicoLution Drop Test
  171. Home Made Devil Mag
  172. centerfeed barrel modification
  173. Question on the Hyperframe
  174. Lathe
  175. Anyone know about specific ANSI ratings?
  176. Sleeper EP UMF
  177. New to E-mags
  178. Classic Valve question
  179. RT on/off problems
  180. ACE Tuning?
  181. need some quick help/advice...warp feed related...
  182. replacement o-ring for DW barrel?
  183. Is this a rare item or something?
  184. Prepping X-Mag for re-ano
  185. Altec how fancy can you get?
  186. Evil Kilted Monkey #3
  187. The Corrupter of the Code EKM#4
  188. Missing the 'E' in 'Emag'
  189. Use of Tickler in G-Force
  190. What about silenc...errr...ummmm...I mean "raincovers"...yeah, "raincovers"
  191. Heavy Metal, Nastymag work in progress
  192. Trigger stop frame saver
  193. Nasty Mag sear pictures.
  194. good deal? or not?
  195. Question about Dye Boomsticks...
  196. The "Get It Done Before Pump It Up" Log
  197. Freak boring opinions?
  198. OK 'mag guys...quicky for ya...
  199. Prepping Xvalve for Reanodizing...
  200. Anyone know how fast the pinokio feeds?
  201. Fooling with a BT-4
  202. reball question...
  203. Pneumag LPR problem.
  204. pumpmag problem
  205. pneu mag leak
  206. anno'ing and other plating info
  207. Tac 8 - Anyone ?
  208. Classic valve aggravation.
  209. Nastymag live
  210. Electro/SP, easy access grip screws
  211. Quick question...
  212. Big E and Cyber, check it out!!
  213. max working pressure for macroline?
  214. Pneumag mounting MPA3
  215. Finished Nastymag
  216. Getting the most reactivity out of your mag
  217. The Mongoose
  218. Tanks for Automags
  219. Converting my Tac-One to an E-Tac
  220. Merlin firing issues.
  221. Another Mag in the works.
  222. ULE detent thread
  223. Ult
  224. Mag Porn, The Nastymag`s Naughty Bits.
  225. ANS Jackhammer dimensions?
  226. ULT headache
  227. Home Brew
  228. Chop Chop
  229. Hyper frame question
  230. What kind of Air America reg is this?
  231. Tickler LPRs don't make low pressure pneu frames
  232. e-blade eye location schematic?
  233. Removing Trigger Pin
  234. Trigger ID
  235. Guess what I've been doing?
  236. Duracoat
  237. Factory milled pump rails
  238. Smart Parts LPR?
  239. Reverse X Valve. How common?
  240. Hyperframe solenoid
  241. 12volt harness
  242. X-Mag help needed
  243. Home built Havok shotshells
  244. Little Bit Bigger Then A Marker (A Truck)
  245. When Minimags go bad
  246. sniper drop off
  247. Charge life of E-Mag battery?
  248. TAC One ULT setings
  249. What reg to run off a scuba tank?
  250. Xmod help